Appointing the services of a third party in a consultancy role to assist in improving, developing and maybe even training out your safety standards is a great way to make progress in raising your standards for electrical safety.

Electrical Safety Audits

Whether you are looking for a brief observation to existing working practices or a looking for a full depth investigation, we have a vast amount of experience carrying out audits for business’.

We can consult with your electrical safety leaders, duty holders, factory managers or health and safety managers and assist in internal audits, external audits, system audits, contractor and employee competency audits etc.

Why a gap analysis is right for your organisation

  • Gain expert advice on how to achieve the highest standards
  • Identify what you do well
  • Address specific issues identified ahead of the actual audit process
  • Target resources effectively
  • Demonstration to stakeholders and other interested parties (including regulatory bodies) of commitment toward health and safety
  • Structured route toward continual improvement and best practice standards

Electrical Standards Development

When an organisation has a large workforce, or has a quantity of sites scattered around, it is anticipated that the same safe system of work is deployed throughout the business. This includes business’s that work as a group collectively under one owner.

To achieve this a company standard is created, which is then enforced as a mandatory and/or guidance standard within the business. This achieves a much firmer level of control and understanding for electrical safety concerns within the entire business.

Examples of these standards include:

  • Low Voltage Electrical Safety Rules
  • High Voltage Electrical Safety Rules
  • Safe Isolation Procedures
  • Thermal Imaging Standards
  • Electrical Panels Maintenance Standards
  • Emergency Lighting Standards
  • Earthing & Bonding Standards
  • Fire Risk Management Standards

Electrical Incident Investigations

Whenever things go wrong at work with electricity and machinery, it is often the responding actions that are heavily scrutinized as this demonstrates the attitude and care that a company has to what has happened.
Better still, appointing third party services to assist with the investigation shows that the company is attempting to avoid any disruption from internal politics etc by employing the services of someone who’s ideology is purely to identify the root cause and provide recommendations to suit.

All incident investigations are carried out in strictest confidence, although I am happy to produce and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your business.