Electrical training for vending machine operators

There are many different job roles where some extent of the work requires access to an electrical system, however some particular work roles may also require direct access or more exposure to the live parts of the electrical system – and these persons are not specifically electricians!

Take for example the recent training I have been delivering for G’s Fresh. This training was for highly experience mechanical engineers who had some prior experience in working around electrical systems yet their training and qualifications did not significantly highlight the core competencies required to prove that they were competent to carry out the electrically disciplined area of their work.

Another example of a worker in this situation is the vending machine operator – it is a regular work requirement for them to need to remove barriers and enclosures to carry out repair work on vending machines, such as replacing belts and motors for example.

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) is the trade body of the vending industry in the UK.

The Automatic Vending Association (AVA) recognised this potential risk and worked with Ascot College to develop a portfolio structured training programme of differing levels. This has been delivered now numerous times with great success and many vending machine operators now possess sufficient technical knowledge for them to work more safely and possess a much better understanding on why they carry out the checks they do and what the consequences are of them not carrying out these inspections and checks effectively are.


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