UPDATE: D Watts Training, e5 and SparkyNinja

For any of you arriving on my site wondering why I haven’t uploaded a blog for a year, the reason is I have been for too busy working on other projects and soon my training services, and this website will all forward to my new site launching in the new year, www.sparkyninja.com.

Time has been so fragile lately with voluntary work, paid work, events, content and supporting electricians that any spare time has had to be donated to the creation of these other sites and so this one will soon go down.

I still offer all of the services listed on this site, plus many more. Please feel free to enquire if I can provide you with any particular services, even if they do not appear here.

SparkyNinja.com, when launched will be the new home for all my training services, consultancy services and inspection services. It will also combine with my media content, industry content and some eLearning content from launch.

Come along soon after will be certification and software applications, apprentice support and a number of key industry innovations.

So be sure to register your interest in hearing when SparkyNinja.com launches today by visiting the site and submitting your email address.


Speak soon




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